Seery Pratten




Here is the Seery Pratten polymer flute: 



[Swinging on a Gate] (reel, MP3)

[Humors of Trim] (jig, MP3)

[Christmas Eve]

[Dusty Windowsills a.k.a. Austin Barretts a.k.a. Boston Ferrets]

[The Gravel Walk] (reel, MP3)

[The Kesh] (jig, MP3)

[The Traveller] (reel, MP3) played with a very tight embouchure

[The New Policeman] (MP3, reel played with very tight, muscular embouchure)

Desi Seery, of Ireland, makes flutes, whistles, and Uillean pipes of Delrin polymer and exotic hardwoods.

His polymer flutes are quite reasonably priced:  the keyless polymer sells for $380, which is roughly the same price as the M&E polymer flutes by Michael Cronnolly, which are also excellent flutes, and represent excellent value.

Polymer flutes enjoy advantages not shared by their wooden counterparts.  They are physically quite robust, and will not crack or split with even very rough handling.  They require no special care or oiling.  They always play with a very consistent sound and response irregardless of temperature, humidity, weather, or the length of time they have been played that day.

This is a powerful flute with a resonant, "woody" sound.  Intonation is excellent through the first two octaves and still good into the 3rd, very respectable for a keyless flute.

This flute has the characteristic dry "Pratten" sound in spades, and is a very handy session flute.

For more information and ordering information, please see the Seery flute homepage.