M&E Rudall & Rose



keyless M&E Rudall & Rose model flute

a lovely 6-key M&E Rudall & Rose model from another flutist's collection

[Humours of Ballyconnel] (a "huff-n-puff" reel, MP3)

[The Strayaway Child] (a powerful old-timey jig, you can hear the wolves howl, the dogs bark, the wind whistle, and the poor kid's knees knock in this one.  This is recorded in the tradition of the old-time pipers who would reenact an entire battle with their pipes, including the clash of swords and the screams of the dying.)

[Good Morning to your NIghtcap] (reel, MP3)

a study in tone colors (MP3, Mulvihill's Jig)

[The New Rigged Ship] (hybrid reel / hornpipe, MP3)

Rudall & Rose was an extremely famous flute manufacturing company in England during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  Original Rudall & Rose flutes are greatly in demand, particularly for players of Irish traditional music, and is one of two kinds of flutes most commonly played by Irish trad musicians, the other being flutes based on the Pratten's Perfected flute.

Michael Cronnolly of M&E Flutes in County Mayo, Ireland, is now offering flutes of wood or polymer based on Rudall & Rose flute number 5047.

The flute I have is in polymer with a tuning slide and lined headjoint.

This flute has medium-large tone holes and is extremely easy to fill and play.  It has a large, ringing sound and good responsiveness throughout its range.  It is a fine flute in every way.