M&E 6-Key




[The Dairymaid] (reel, MP3) This shows off the tremendous "bang!" of this flute.

[Ban Si] (air, MP3)

[The Stony Steps] (reel, MP3)

This is Michael Cronnolly's original model flute (he also now makes flutes based on a Rudall & Rose design), with his "split front" sculptured embouchure and 6 keys, giving it a fully chromatic 3-octave range.

This is a good flute and has been my "session workhorse" for years now.  It has a large tone and good projection, and is well in tune.

The "split front" embouchure design increases the power and responsiveness of the lowest notes on the flute, and actually works well.  This is a flute that can take a lot of air and you can really punch and lean into a tune with.

This flute is also versatile.  [Here] you can hear it alongside an alto recorder, pretending to be a Baroque traverso!