Hamilton Flute



News about the Hamilton flute:

It has been back to Ireland, and has returned as a 6-key.

I had some difficulty with reaching the long-F key, so Hammy Hamilton make a second key with a longer touch.  This didn't cost any extra and did not require returning the flute to Ireland.

[The Contradiction] (reel, MP3)

[Maids of Ardagh] (polka, MP3)

[Sean Ryan's] (reel, MP3)

[Munster Buttermilk] (double jig, MP3)

[The Roscommon Reel] (reel, a.k.a. "Crowley's Reel", MP3)

[Fath mo Bhuartha / Humors of Trim] (air, jig, MP3)

[The Mountain Top] (hornpipe in B-flat major, MP3)

[The Earl's Chair] (reel, MP3)

[Jim Ward's] (jig, MP3)

[Easter Snow] (air, MP3)

[Miss Lyon's Fancy] (reel, MP3)

[You Never Saw Her Equal] (reel, MP3)

Hammy Hamilton, of Cuil Aodha, Ireland, makes some of the finest (some say the finest) wooden flutes available today.

This flute is superb in every way, with a rich, singing, ringing tone, and excellent responsiveness and control over its entire range.  It plays easily well into the 3rd octave.

A keyed body is being made for this flute but is not yet ready.  I drool with anticipation of the finest flute I have ever played becoming yet better.

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