Feadog Pro



Feadog Teoranta, the Irish company that makes the popular Feadog whistle, has brought out a new whistle, the Feadog Pro.

Visually, the whistle is handsome, nickel tube and black fipple.  The fipple doesn't look very different from the regular Feadog fipple, except for the color of the plastic, but I do think I can barely see some slight differences around the window and blade.

The original Feadog whistle is a good design--you can blow softly and get a sweet, clear sound, or you can blow a bit harder and get a tone that gets a thick, almost harsh edge.  This is good for breath pulsing and making notes "pop out," and can be used to really add a lot of lift and drive to your playing.  Also the Feadog has lovely chiff--chiff is the little "puffing" or "scraping" sounds that introduce themselves between the notes as you move up and down the scale.

The downside of the original design is that it does take really good breath control.  Many whistlers get a Feadog early in their whistling career, because they are inexpensive and commonly available, and are simply not ready for this kind of whistle yet.  They can't blow quite that softly in a controlled manner yet, so they blow a bit harder and the whistle responds like it was made to.

The new Feadog pro is more forgiving on breath control; you can still make notes "pop out" but you can also drive the whistle a bit harder than you can the original without it going too harsh on you.

Here's how it sounds compared to the original, and to a few other kinds of whistle:

Sound Samples / Comparisons: the new Feadog Pro Whistle:

Loch Earn played on

bullet[the Feadog Pro]
bullet[the original brass Feadog]
bullet[an Oak D]
bullet[a Generation brass redtop D]
bullet[a D Susato SB]
bullet[a Syn D]
bullet[a Burke Brass Narrow Bore D]