Bach:  New and Old

Here's a bit of a Bach Sonata, first on the [Hamilton 6-key], and then on my old [German 8-key].  Here's the [Adagio] from the same Sonata on the 8-key.

In particular, listen to the intervals, and note the different character on the old flute vs the new.

Maybe there's a reason they tuned the old flutes like they did?  ;-)

All Instruments' Comparison Recordings (MP3 format)

The reel "Swinging on a Gate" is played on all my flutes:

bullet[Antique 8-Key Flute]
bullet[Sweetheart Baroque Flute at A=415]
bullet[Sweetheart Baroque Flute at A=440]
bullet[Sweetheart Ebony B-flat Fife]
bullet[Gemeinhardt 3SS-B Boehm-System Flute]
bullet[Hall Crystal Flute in D]
bullet[Hamilton Blackwood 6-Key Flute]
bullet[M&E 6-Key Polymer Flute]
bullet[M&E High-F Polymer Piccolo]
bullet[M&E Rudall & Rose Model Polymer Flute]
bullet[Seery Pratten Model Delrin Flute]

And to keep things interesting, here's the same reel on my recorders:

bullet[Hohner maple Sopranino]
bullet[Adege blackwood Terton model Soprano]
bullet[Adege rosewood Terton model Alto]
bullet[Hohner pearwood Tenor]

And the whistles:

bullet[Howard Low D]
bullet[Susato Low D]
bullet[Serpent Copper & Brass D]
bullet[Acorn D]
bullet[Alba Q1 D]
bullet[Burke AlPro Session D]
bullet[Burke Brass Pro Narrow Bore D]
bullet[Generation "Folk" Greentop D]
bullet[Generation Redtop Brass D]
bullet[Tweaked Waltons Guinness D]
bullet[Waltons Little Black Whistle D]
bullet[Sweetheart Maple D Whistle]
bullet[Oak C Whistle]
bullet[Parkhurst E-Flat Whistle]
bullet[Serpent Poly D]
bullet[Clarke Sweetone C]
bullet[Clarke Sweetone D]
bullet[Waltons Brass D]
bullet[Waltons Painted Brass D in Red]
bullet[Dixon Nontunable D]
bullet[Feadog Brass D]
bullet[Hoover Whitecap D on an Oak tube]
bullet[Syn D]
bullet[Clarke Original D]
bullet[Oak D]
bullet[Cronnolly D]
bullet[Susato D]
bullet[Susato Narrow Bore D]
bullet[Waltons Mello-D]
bullet[Clare Eagle 2-Piece D]
bullet[Sweetheart Rosewood D Whistle]